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Original Watercolors

Here is a sampling of  some of the original paintings available at Paint Valley Studio or the other galleries where the artist is represented. The paintings range in size from 9 x 12 inches framed to 28 x 36 inches framed. The size of most of the paintings is 16 x 20, with the 12 x 16 size the next most popular. Paintings shown here are 16 x 20 unless otherwise labeled. The paintings are done using the best of watercolor materials, primarily Arches paper and Winsor-Newton paints. You may expect an original to last centuries, whereas the prints can be expected to last almost one century before any fading of colors. 

If you see something you like in these paintings, please contact the artist. At the gallery there are many more originals of various subjects, too many to try to include here. Since the original paintings are one of a kind, it is suggested that customers contact Paint Valley Studio by email or by phone to make sure the painting has not already been sold and is still available.

Commission work is welcome. The usual procedure is to send photos of the landscape you would like to have painted (I don't do portraits), along with other information such as the season, the direction any buildings face (to determine proper shadows), the size of the painting, and any personal touches you would like to see included. There is much to discuss when commissioning a painting, so it is certainly prudent to have a discussion with the artist first. Prices currently are $150 for a framed 12 x 16 original and $250 for a framed 16 x 20 original.

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